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is a company in the business of salvaging antique building materials which, subsequent to professional reclamation, are recycled as used building materials, traditional building material or antique construction material in the form of bricks (normal format, imperial format, cloister format), traditional roofing tiles (plane tiles, cloister tiles), doors, windows, flooring or old beams.
We thus see ourselves as a salvage centre with a mission to recover reusable construction materials from old farmhouses, factories, barns and buildings due for demolition, and to rescue them before they are lost forever to landfill sites.
Locks, door fittings, window handles, and door and gate hinges dating from eras and styles as diverse as the Middle Ages, Baroque, Wilhelminian and Art Nouveau periods are reconditioned with loving attention to detail, helping private builders and conservators to restore many a villa or farmhouse to its former glory.
Our stone yard is dedicated to reclaiming and trading in bricks in every format, natural building materials and natural insulating materials such as clay. But you will also find that we stock traditional components such as cast iron windows, wall anchors, millstones and other manually forged components.
Selective demolition is a conservation technique that produces a very high number of recyclable building materials and a reduction in the amount of old building debris consigned to the tip.
Old oak beams, pine beams, portal doors, church doors, timber frames and barn doors thus find their way to us subsequent to sounding and assessment. It is quite common for the demolition of a barn to uncover old farming implements and equipment bearing witness to a past way of life.
To protect, recover and recycle, coupled with loving attention to detail and a passionfor rescuing something

barocke Türbeschläge

barocke Tür-und Fensterbeschläge
historische Baustoffe
Klosterformat Steine
Oberlichtfenster aus einem alten              Gebetshaus ca. 100 Jahre alt


historische Baustoffe und Bauelemente

Reichsformat – gelb  rose‘ gemischt       25 x 6,5 x 12 cm